Materials that are good for 
well-being and safety

We build a sustainable future to pass on to the next generations, based on zero-waste construction materials produced from abundant agricultural and forest waste.

Imagine a house that can grow with you...

When you're starting you just need a cozy and functional space...
A house that can expand when you get a partner, pets, or kids...
A house that can downsize just as easy as it expanded.

Reliable and Easy to mantain

Fire resistant
Water & Moisture resistant
Insect, termite and rodent free
Thermal and acoustic insulation
50+ year guarantee

Sounds Good?

Just give us a call. We create your home.
You just enjoy your life.
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Economically sustainable

We provide high quality products that with the right maintenance (builder subscription plan) have a lifetime warranty and will keep their value.

Materials that you can touch and feel

Non-harmful materials for environment and health, engineered from natural fibres with specific properties that can improve your wellbeing and that we can give back to nature if needed.

Your home materials have value

We build prefabricated systems that can be passed on for generations and adapt to your circumstances. Your home stores your memories and its materials can be reused.

Find a qualified partner near you and build your dream home with us

Our partners are qualified professionals that passed a training and examination process in the ALOHANA program to learn how to work with our systems and materials. Only our partners can offer maintenance or product subscriptions with a 50+ years warranty. Contact us to find the closest company near you.
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