We supply solutions for your construction project

Alohana creates complete modular building systems with the technical and aesthetical characteristics chosen by the customer. Our systems are customized and produced accordingly with the function and protection required for the project. This is how we see a sustainable future: You choose. We manufacture. You just assemble.

Materials made naturally: 
Not tree based

We prefer plants over wood, because we can harvest our crops twice a year instead of every 15 years. In addition, our products can be given back as fertilizer so we can continue to build better materials in the future.

A system tailored to you

Any building or infrastructure has a function. Alohana specializes in creating systems that are centered around the functions each specific space should have. More than protecting the interior environment from outside forces, we help you by selecting and combining the best solutions depending on your needs.

Superior materials in everything

Alohana produces and sells high-value, high quality, negative waste, nature based materials. Our solutions don’t just equal traditional materials but actually outperform in most of the cases. We believe so much in all our materials that every product has a 50 years guarantee, when maintained according to the guidelines.

Design freedom

We build our systems in such a way that you can vary endlessly without compromising functionality, providing architects and builders with a solution for every aspect of their projects. Our decorative materials have a wide range of colors and finishes to create distinctive environments and match the customer expectations. 

Extra features

Easy transport and quick application
Non- toxic and formaldehyde-free materials
Future-proof, from plant-fibres easy to grow
Non changing delivery times
Endlessly reusable

Sounds Good?

Just give us a call. We provide pre-fabricated building systems according to your specs.
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Efficient on-site assembly

Our modular design building systems are lightweight and easy to assemble by a smaller workforce in less time. The fact that the raw materials are available everywhere provides you with the comfort of knowing that projects will be delivered on time.

Combining traditional with 
modern construction 

Our solutions can be used both on new builds or rehabilitation projects. Combining new materials with old ones seamlessly its possible. You just choose the features you need from a building and we supply you the best available materials, so that you can have the look and feel of an old building with the comfort of today.

Radical modern construction

Construction has to adjust to weather conditions, which can slow down projects.
Modern construction is done in the factory.
We move most of the build away from the construction site into a controlled environment, where we can do what we do best. That way our specialists focus on their work to give you the best possible solution while reducing the physical stress for the team onsite.

Lifetime loyalty setup

The solutions we provide are made to endure for generations. Just as our products and systems turn away from one-time consumption so do our services. With our systems the construction industry can become an important lifetime loyalty service for builders, architects, engineers and all others involved. We provide companies with the opportunity to act as service providers through a subscription program available for the end consumers.

In the end,
everything has value

The place for construction that is put up once and can only be removed through demolition leaving a lot of rubble and waste is over. Now its the time for high-value systems that are made from high quality products, with a long lifetime, which can be easily assembled and disassembled. All materials and waste can be reused in the production of new products or given back to nature as fertilizer. That’s why your home retains value.

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