A sustainable Future

ALOHANA is a future-driven organisation that focuses on people and nature, by developing sustainable construction solutions aligned with the company’s core values:
• Environmental and social consciousness
• Look for innovation and acknowledge mistakes
• Take initiative, work for a better future

The Alohana Pillars

Our founder’s family decided to change their lifestyle and break away from daily routines, spend more time together as a family and most importantly improve their quality of life. They choose to relocate to a remote location with old houses in desperate need of care. Instead of demolishing the ruins they decided to preserve it and rehabilitate them properlly. Searching for available solutions in the market they found an opportunity in the way we build, they’ve taken the initiative and decided to give it a try.
Then Alohana was born.

Our vision

We have a dream that we live in a future where construction is adaptable. A world where we live and work in buildings that are reliable and improve our wellbeing.
We think that every construction should have a function that assists us in the best possible way. This can mean that we create an environment that can improve your wellbeing, increase your productivity, maximizes your relaxation, or provides you with all the energy you need.
While you enjoy the highest standard of living quality today, we will work as hard as possible to improve that standard tomorrow. 
We innovate. You just enjoy the result.

We are building the future and 
changing how we live.

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