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ALOHANA focuses on developing bio-based materials from plants, for the infrastructure and furniture industry, to create high-quality projects that improve our wellbeing and improve the world.
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We believe in a future where construction is adaptable and sustainability is taken for granted. A world where we live and work in buildings that are reliable and improve our well-being, that we can pass on for generations, change, reallocate or if needed take them apart with low or no-carbon footprint. Our future lies in nature and agriculture, which can provide us with food, clothes, furniture, and now homes. That’s why all the materials we use come from nature.

The products we have are made from human and nature leftovers that gets burned otherwise. We apply bio engineering to take that waste into its smallest buildingblocks and reassemble these into the materials that we sell. By taking advantage of all the spoils generated in the process we create a Zero Waste System. The best part is that we can just as easily reverse the process reintegrating them into the production process, or give our products back to nature as a fertilizer.

Do you want to be a responsible professional?

We provide reliable, pre-fabricated, ready to assemble systems that are made from abundant agricultural and forest waste.
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The brands that we work with

Looking for improved quality of life?

We help you build a comfortable home that grows with your family. A safe, healthy and flexible space designed to improve the quality of life.
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